LECTURESHIP in Occupational Health Psychology / Safety Psychology


There is an exciting opportunity to get on to or to get back to the academic career ladder about to arise in the Centre for Sustainable Working Life at Birkbeck University of London. The Centre is about to advertise a fixed term Lectureship A/B in Occupational Health Psychology or Safety Psychology (or a closely related area). The post should start in late February 2019 and end in early October 2019. It is part time (0.5 FTE).


The person appointed will assume the position of Acting Director of Learning for the Centre’s Professional Doctorate in Occupational Health Psychology & Management (PDP). They will work closely with Professor Tom Cox and other members of the Programme Team in organising and delivering the programme content. There will be time for the person appointed to devote to developing their own research or collaborating on the Centre’s established research lines.

The PDP was formerly established in 2017 and took its first cohort in 2017 2018. It has just admitted its second cohort for 2018 2019. The programme is part time and focused on devoting the real world research and research competence of those with work experience and particular work-related and career interests. It is four years in duration. The first two years, culminating in a systematic review, are seminar led and the final two years are based on supervised empirical research.

There are currently 5 programme members. The three members of the first cohort are researching: cancer survivorship and work engagement, cultural intelligence, workplace diversity and safety, and emotional intelligence and safety leadership.


The Centre’s research interests, largely funded, focus on long term conditions and work engagement, health services  development and post traumatic stress, health and work engagement. All the research is grounded in the real world context and intervention-focused.

More information from: Professor Tom Cox at: t.cox@bbk.ac.uk. Expressions of interest (and resumes) welcomed and will be treated in confidence at this early stage.




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