UPDATE: Professional Doctorate in Occupational Health Psychology & Management (PDP)

The PDP in Occupational Health Psychology & Management is offered by the Centre for Sustainable Working Life in the School of Business, Economics & Informatics at Birkbeck University of London. It was formerly established in early 2017 and took in its first cohort for 2017 2018. It has just added a second cohort for 2018 2019 and is now taking applications for its third cohort for 2019 2020. At present, there are 5 members of the programme with, possibly, another 2 or 3 being selected for 2019 2020.


As variously described another posts, the programme is part time and its members are largely, but not exclusively, in employment. It is designed with this in mind and its objective is to develop their research competence in occupational health and management and in safety psychology in a real world context. In many ways, the programme might be viewed as an enhanced PhD and successful students are awarded a Doctoral degree on completion of their 4 years of study and applied research.

The first two years of the programme consist of small group and seminar based teaching (year 1) and a supervised systematic review on the member’s chosen research topic (year 2). Their research topics are developed and refined during the first year to meet their career needs, developing skills and particular interests. During years 3 and 4, the members of the programme complete the necessary empirical research.

imagesProfessor Tom Cox CBE is the Programme Director and Dr Laura Thompson is the Director of Learning. The current External Examiner is Professor Stavroula Leka (Cork University Business School & Department of Psychiatry & Applied Psychology, Nottingham). During 2017 2018, the small group and seminar based teaching was provided by them variously working with the wider Centre team: Dr Alina Gomide and Dr Eduardo Lima (Minas, Brazil), Dr Sara MacLennan (Institute of Applied Health Sciences, Aberdeen ), Dr Kevin Teoh (Organisational Psychology, Birkbeck), Professor Sue Cox OBE (Lancaster University Management School) and Professor Alistair Cheyne (Loughborough University Business School). The group’s combined competencies cover occupational health psychology, applied health psychology, safety and reliability, and organisational psychology and management as well as both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

The first cohort of students  (2017 2018) is now embarking on the systematic reviews to be presented as if submitted to a named and relevant journal. Their topics, broadly described as topic examples, are: cancer survivorship and work engagement, cultural intelligence and safety in the construction industry and emotional intelligence and safety leadership.

Further information from: Professor Tom Cox (t.cox@bbk.ac.uk) or Dr Laura Thompson (laura.thompson@bbk.ac.uk). Expressions of interest are welcome.






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