1.1 Recent Papers

Recent Papers: 2006 Onwards


Psychosocial Risk Management: Methodology

Cox, T., Oliver, A., Rial-González, E., Tomas, J.M., Griffiths, A.G., and Thompson, L. (2006) The development of a Spanish language version of the Worn Out scale of the General Well-Being Questionnaire. Spanish Journal of Psychology, 9, 94-102

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Psychosocial Risk Management: Organizational Interventions

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Psychosocial Risk Management: Policy Interventions

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Health at Work

Kouvonen, A., Kivimaki, M., Vahtera, J., Oksanen, T., Elovainio, M., Cox, T., Virtanen, M., Pentti, J., Cox, S.J., and Wilkinson, R.G (2006) Psychometric evaluation of a short measure of social capital at work. BMC Public Health, 6, 251

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Health Promotion:

Kouvonen, A., Stafford, M., De Vogli, R., Shipley, M.J., Marmot, M., Cox, T., Vahtera, J., Vaananen, A., Heponiemi, T., Singh-Manoux, A., and Kivimaki, M. (2011) Negative aspects of close relationships as a predictor of increased body mass index and waist circumference: The Whitehall II Study. American Journal of Public Health, 101, 1474-1480

Kouvonen, A., De Vogli, R., Stafford, M., De Vogli, R., Shipley, M.J., Marmot, M., Cox, T., Vahtera, J., Vaananen, A., Heponiemi, T., Singh-Manoux, A., and Kivimaki, M. (2011) Social support and the likelihood of maintaining and improving levels of physical activity: The Whitehall II Study. European Journal of Public Health 10:1093/eurpub/ckr091

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