1.2 Presentations

Recent Presentations: 2006 Onwards


Cox, T. (2007) Advances in theory, methodology and practice in risk management for work-related stress. Keynote to Health & Safety Canada IAPA 2007. (Toronto: April)

Cox, S. J., and Cox, T (2007) Work-related sexual and reproductive health. Paper to: 7th Industrial & Organisational Psychology Conference and 1st Asia Pacific Congress on Work and Organisational Psychology, (Adelaide: June)

Cox, S. J., and Cox, T (2007) Understanding work-related sexual and reproductive health. Paper to: XIIIth European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology, (Stockholm: May)

Cox, T (2008) Opening Panelist: Work, Stress and Health 2008.American Psychological Association, US National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health and Society for Occupational Health Psychology.  (Washington: March)

Cox, T. (2008) The impact of work-related stress and psychosocial risks in today’s world of work: Implications for policy and practice. Opening paper to: Psychosocial Risk Management at Work: The European Framework. International Conference, ISPESL (Occupational Medicine), (Rome: November)

Mohd Mahudin, N.D., Cox, T., and Griffiths, A. (2009) Conducting systematic reviews in psychology: Issues, challenges and opportunities. Paper to: Southeast Asian Psychology Conference 2009. University of Malaysia Sabah (Sabah: July ).

Cox, T. (2010) Work-related stress. Invited paper to: OECD Medical Service. OECD (Paris: August).

Cox, T. (2010) Work-related stress in Europe. Keynote paper: Italian Society for Occupational Medicine Annual Conference. (Rome: December).

Cox, T. (2011) Psychosocial risk management: The UK approach. Invited paper: IV International Forum for a Prevention Culture. Universities of La Laguna & Las Palmas (Tenerife & Gran Canaria: March).

Cox, T., and MacLennan, S.J. (2011) Social, Sexual and Reproductive Behaviour at Work: Relationships and Families. Invited paper: Health and Wellbeing @ Work Conference. (Birmingham: March).

Cox, T. (2011) Psychosocial and Organisational Risks to Employee Health and Safety. Invited seminar: Safe Work Australia. (Canberra: March).

Cox, T. (2011) Resilience: People, Organisations and their Communities. The Alec Rodger Memorial Lecture  (Birkbeck College, University of London: June).  A podcast of the talk is available on You Tube.

Cox, T. (2011) Organisational psychology applied to safety management: the People-Work-Organisation model. Invited paper presented to: Society of Occupational Medicine, Conference: The Worker Workplace Interface. (Cardiff: September)

Cox, T. (2011) Psychosocial Risks at Work: Their Identification and Management. Keynote paper: Psychosocial Risk Assessment. Swedish Work Environment Authority & European Commission (DG Employment & Social Affairs) (Luxembourg: November).

Cox, T. (2012) Workplace health and obesity. Invited paper: All-Island Seminar: Obesity. Safefood, the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (Northern Ireland). (Belfast: March)

Cox. T (2012) Change, stress and employee health. Invited paper to: ORR Conference (Office of the Rail Regulator): Risk Prevention on the Railways – Worker Participation. (London: March)

Cox,T., and MacLennan, S.J., (2012) Working and cancer: survival and the role of work. Invited paper to: 10th International Conference on Occupational Risk Prevention OPR 2012 (Bilbao: May)

Cox, T., and MacLennan, S. (2013) Cancer survival and working life. Invited paper to: Health and Wellbeing Conference 2013. (NEC Birmingham: May)

Cox, T (2013) Psychosocial risk management: Future needs and actions. Psychosocial Risks: Final Conference 2012 Campaign. Plenary paper presented to: Committee of Senior Labour Inspectors (SLIC), European Commission. (Stockholm: March)

Cox, T. (2013) Sustainable working life. Paper to: Birkbeck Business Week 2013: Sustainable Working Life & Wellbeing (Birkbeck London: June)