3. Occupational Health: Psychology & Management

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY is a relatively new and exciting discipline at the interface between applied psychology and occupational health. It is concerned with the role and management of psychological, social and organisational issues in promoting the health and well being of working people and in preventing the stress and ill-health that can be associated with poorly designed and managed work. For many, especially in North America, this interest encompasses safety as well as health.

Many who are obviously working in occupational health psychology are not psychologists by training or qualification. This is an important observation especially for countries such as the UK where the title of psychologist is now registered in law. Much of the interest of non psychologists  is focused on the management of psychological, social and organisational issues in occupational health and in safety. It may be sensible to recognise this welcome extension of our discipline by using and working under a new broader title: Occupational Health: Psychology & Management. This title is now used in this blog as is deemed appropriate.

The world wide community of occupational health psychologists and management specialists is committed to making a real difference to peoples’ working lives even in times of economic difficulty. Our discipline is both important and exciting for this reason.