Cancer Survivorship and Working Life

With Dr Sara MacLennan, I presented at this year’s Health and Wellbeing at Work Conference in the NEC Birmingham on Wednesday 6th March (11.10 – 11.50).

health and wellbeing 2013We talked about cancer survivorship and working life in a session on Managing Employees with Cancer. The presentation was based on our narrative review of the evidence supporting the development of our accommodation – adaptation intervention paradigm. It deals with the psychological, social and organizational issues associated with working life across the cancer patients journey to survivorship. This review will be published later this year.

The presentation may be cited as:

Cox, T., and MacLennan, S. (2013) Cancer survivorship and working life. Invited paper to: Health and Wellbeing at Work Conference 2013. NEC Birmingham (March).

The review may be cited as:

Cox, T., MacLennan, S., and N’Dow, J. (2013) Cancer, work and the quality of working life: A Narrative review. In: P Chen & C Cooper (eds) Wellbeing in the Workplace: From Stress to Happiness. Oxford & New York: Wiley-Blackwell.

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