The Dust has Settled: The End of An Era

iwhoAs of the beginning of the current academic year 2013 2014, the Institute of Work, Health & Organizations at the University of Nottingham ceased to exist. Sad as this may be for those who worked hard for the success of this project, the decision of extinguish the Institute was made as part of a wider restructuring of the (then) Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences in the context of changing national and international landscapes of postgraduate teaching and applied research. Most of the staff of the Institute have been incorporated into a new Department of Psychiatry & Applied Psychology while some have opted to move to other departments within the new structure.

UnknownAs many know, the core work of the Institute in areas relating to occupational health and to safety management has been re-established through the new research-focused Centre for Sustainable Working Life (CSWL) at Birkbeck University of London which is now formally established within the School of Business, Economics & Informatics. CSWL is led by Professor Tom Cox CBE and Professor Phillip Dewe (Deputy Master, Birkbeck College) and will host the 2014 Conference of the European Academy for Occupational Health Psychology.


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