Mills & Reeve LLP: Employment Review for 2013 2014

imagesThe UK law firm Mills & Reeve LLP publish a variety of updates and briefing papers each year. These can be accessed at: http://www.mills-reeve.com. On the 6th January, it published its Employment Review for 2013 2014 which was prepared by Charles Pigott.

This briefing covers 10 key areas of employment law. It looks back on developments in 2013 that are likely to have continuing significance and does its best to anticipate what is likely to happen in 2014. The briefing is of general interest in relation to the UK but of particular interest are its comments on Assessing reasonable adjustments at work, Dealing with long-term illness in the workplace and Tweaking the Equalities Act 2010. The briefing cant be found at: http://www.mills-reeve.com/files/Publication/0f0d0dc2-7eb8-4898-807d-d9a7f1471118/Presentation/PublicationAttachment/027e3677-8870-44c7-94ed-e0a95d1d2679/EmploymentReview_Jan14.pdf.

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