thAn interview-based survey of 42,000 women in the EU by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights has shown that a third of all women in the Member States had experienced either physical or sexual violence since the age of 15: about 62 million women.

“What emerges is a picture of extensive abuse that affects many women’s lives, but is systematically under-reported to the authorities”

The survey asked women about their experiences of physical, sexual and psychological violence at home and in the workplace. The data suggested that one in 10 women had experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 15, and one in 20 had been raped. It also noted that 22% had suffered from physical or sexual violence by a partner, but that 67% did not report the most serious incidents of domestic violence to the police. A link appeared to exist between heavy alcohol use and domestic violence.

The survey also considered stalking, sexual harassment and violence in childhood. About 18% of women said they had been the victims of stalking since the age of 15, and 55% said they had been sexually harassed, often in the workplace, the survey found.

The Report calls on EU countries to treat domestic violence as a public, not a private issue. It also says laws and policies relating to sexual harassment should be reviewed.

The Report may be down loaded at:

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