8-2754esrc-logoWe are pleased to announce the dates for the first two Discussion Seminars in our ESRC funded Seminar Series on Cancer and Employment. This Seminar series is organised through The METIS Collaboration.

Unknown-1The first Discussion Seminar will be held in the University of Aberdeen on 21st April and will focus on the Perspectives of the Person with Cancer & Their Family. Contact: Dr Sara MacLennan (Academic Urology Unit, Aberdeen University:

The expert speakers, who will introduce and stimulate the planned discussion, will include: Dr Fehmidah Munir (Loughborough University), Dr Gail Eva (Brunel University) and Dr Sara MacLennan (Aberdeen University).

Dr MacLennan will introduce the discussion. She will outline the issues that appear to challenge those with cancer and their families with regards work engagement and that might be addressed in that discussion.

fehmidah-munir-smDr Munir will speak to “Returning to work following cancer treatment does not always result in normality”.

Dr Eva‘s title is “Your problem does not fit my solution – the mismatch db377ccdc1729e6222d03252c8468bc5_400x400between people’s needs and the support on offer “.

There are only a handful of places still available for this seminar. Those interested must contact Dr Sara MacLennan immediately.

Claremont_Tower_and_Bridge, second Discussion Seminar will be held in the University of Newcastle on 9th July and will concern the Labour Market & Economic Context to Employment of those with cancer. Contact: Dr Heather Brown (Institute of Health & Society, Newcastle University : heather.brown@


Both seminars will start mid morning and will close mid afternoon. Each of the discussion topics (seminars) will be introduced with commentary by two speakers well versed in the area.

All will be welcomed but registration is essential as light lunches will be provided: please contact the appropriate person. There will be a maximum of 30 participants for each seminar.

The first objective of a Discussion Seminar is to identify and better understand the issues that arise for and from the employment of those with cancer from a particular perspective or in a particular context (as above). The second objective is to discuss the state of current knowledge and how that might be usefully translated into policy and practice. The third objective is to identify existing knowledge, policy and practice gaps and start to build an overall Forward Agenda for the area.

FURTHER INFORMATION will be made available through this Blog over the coming weeks and also through the websites for the Universities of Aberdeen and Newcastle and that of the Centre for Working Life, Birkbeck University of London.


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