Continuing Research in Retirement

It is now nearly two months since I left Birkbeck University of London (BBK) having formally retired from the University of Nottingham some 10 years earlier. My commitment has always been to real world health-related research and that is where my academic heart will always remain albeit now with time and space for a more relaxed and thoughtful approach with greater freedom.

Over the two months since leaving BBK, I have been building a new platform for my research greatly helped by the re-instatement of my Honorary Chair in Occupational Health specialising in long term conditions and working life at the University of Aberdeen and my continuing collaboration with colleagues there (see post below). This research will find expression over the coming months in, among other things, the further development and launch of our METIS website which is focused on cancer survivorship, health and work participation.

This interest in cancer survivorship will also continue with my input as an External Advisor to two postgraduate projects at BBK as part of its Professional Doctorate in Occupational Health, Psychology & Management (PDP). These concern the advice and information on work participation made available to those diagnosed with head and neck cancers and the loneliness that can be experienced by cancer survivors.

There is also the possibility of further developing work in this general area with colleagues in the Social Justice Studio (UK) and, separately, with those in the University of Peking.

At the same time, I am committed to developing our existing research on post traumatic stress with colleagues in the University of Peking and also, separately, with those in Brazil (University of Minas Gerais and the Regional Fire & Emergency Service) and at BBK.

There are, of course, interesting cross-overs between these two over-arching research interests which are and which will continue to be explored as well as revisiting related issues of sexual and reproductive health. In terms of my interests in long term conditions, I am also a member of the Trial Steering Committee for the MS-Proactive Programme which involves a consortium of University Hospitals nationally as well as BBK.

Together, our various teams hope to raise new research funding and also continue to publish. Over the period during which I managed my leaving of BBK, several publications have been achieved and, undoubtedly, others will follow (see below).

Recent Publications

Teoh, K., Lima, EP Vasconcelos, A. G., Nascimento, E., & Cox, T. (2019) Trauma and work factors as predictors of firefighters’ psychiatric distress. Occupational Medicine, 69, 598-603. 

Teoh, K., Hassard, J., & Cox, T. (Accepted) Doctors’ working conditions, wellbeing and trust quality of care: A multilevel analysis. Safety Science.

Vasconcelos, A.G., Lima, E.P., Teoh, K., Nascimento, E., MacLennan S., & Cox, T.  (Accepted) Work-related factors in the aetiology of symptoms of post-traumatic stress among First Responders: The Brazilian Firefighters Longitudinal Health Study (FLoHS). Brazilian Public Health Reports (ISSN 1678-4464)

MacLennan, S., Eatough, V., & Cox, T. (Accepted) An interpretative phenomenological analysis of the meaning of work to women living with breast cancer. Chronic Illness

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