New Publications



I have yet to go back over the last year or so and note our various publications not yet announced on my Blog. In the meantime, to help me play catchup, I will draw attention to two recent papers that concern different aspects of work-related stress.


Hassard, J., Teoh, K., & Cox, T. (2016). Organizational uncertainty and stress among teachers in Hong Kong: work characteristics and organizational justice. Health Promotion International

The journal has a current impact factor of 2.046. It is ranked 40th in the list of journals in public, environmental & occupational health (145) and has a 5-year impact factor of 2.464. It is published by Oxford University Press.


Hassard, J., Teoh, K., Visockaite, G., Dewe, P. & Cox, T. (2017) The economic burden of work-related stress to society: a systematic review. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology (Accepted for 2017).

The journal advertises a current impact factor of 2.00 and is ranked 24th in the list of applied psychology journals (79). Its 5-year impact factor is 4.010. It is the journal of the US Society for Occupational Health Psychology and is published by the American Psychological Association.

In both cases, we must thank our colleague, Dr Juliet Hassard, for persevering with these publications and crafting them ably through to acceptance by good journals.


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